Blogging from the Bus/ Ben Folds!

Hi there!  So, this is a first- I’m blogging from the bus!  I’m taking Red Arrow up to Edmonton today, to go to the Ben Folds concert tonight!  I’m very excited about it; I’ve only been wanting to see him in concert for 15 years or so!  Ben Folds is my absolute FAVOURITE musician, who I discovered when I was in my early teens and have been listening to and following ever since. The ticket was a birthday gift from my brother, probably the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten!

So the plan for the day is to take the day off work- the trouble with deciding your own schedule is that all the sudden I realize that I’ve worked every day for like, the last two weeks, and so it’s important to actually take a day off.  I will be returning to Calgary tomorrow, and I have an ASA event the day after that, so I’ll be back to work again on Saturday.

Anyway, so as I said, I’m on the bus.  Red Arrow to Edmonton.  It’s nice and quiet, mostly business people, and so people are either typing away on their computers or sleeping. (There’s wireless internet, and even outlets to plug your computer in!)  When I get to the city, I will find some lunch, check into the hotel (I got a good deal), and the plan for the afternoon is to check out the Art Gallery of Alberta. Then dinner, most likely with my brother and my cousin, and then…. ba da da dah!! The Concert!  Did I mention my ticket is in the front row?

I wonder what the crowd will be like.  Because this is the first time (to my knowledge) that Ben Folds has ever done a concert in Alberta, my guess would be that the crowd may not be huge, but I am expecting them to be very enthusiastic.  My guess is that the crowd will be made up of people like me, who have been waiting for this particular concert for a long time.

Anyway, I am super excited, and I will report back soon!  What a great treat!

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