Studio day…. Heaven.

Let me tell you about my favorite thing in the world.  The best way to spend a day.

Get up in the morning, not too late, not too early, around 8:30 is a good balance for me, make myself a nice pot full of tea (Earl Grey, of course!), go downstairs and put the CD player on repeat (yes, I still use my CD player, the computer sometimes gets in the way), and spend the day in the studio.  Now that I’m working regularly again, studio time is the most precious thing in the world.  It’s a complete luxury, and an absolute necessity, all at the same time.

This looks like a mess, and it very much is.  But, it’s so much better than a clean studio- a clean studio means I haven’t been working in it.  I’m sure you can tell, that while I do have a great space, it is important that everything has a place, because it can quickly and very easily turn into an unusable space.

So, I’ve been working!  Today, I did some experiments with the electronics I’ve been researching, and managed a little bit of success!  Below is a video of what I’ve managed to do- do you see the potential in it for the Morphoids?

The motor works in response to the light.  I also appreciate how it sounds almost like it’s purring.

I also worked on some more skeleton pieces, and have been developing my dissection, a performance, which will happen this summer, as part of the exhibition at the Esker Foundation.  And some plans for some interactive display panels. And some other ideas, which will take much more time than some of this- maybe I’ll share when it’s a little more concrete.

I’ve really gotta stop showing photos of my messy studio.


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