Crossing the River

So, lately.

Lately, things have been pretty busy! We just had the AGM at work, and so I’ve been busier than normal. Now that that has calmed down a little, I feel like I can get back to work on my practice as well.

Right now, it seems I am in a research stage… researching, brainstorming, reading, trying out ideas and making samples/ templates. The playing phase. I always enjoy this phase, but it sometimes feels like I’m spinning my wheels a little… no, more like driving around the parking lot, just for the sake of driving. Not having a specific destination. I have no real goal at the moment, just a bunch of ideas floating around in my head. I would like to do most of these, but as of right now, I have no idea how to get from here to there. It’s like trying to cross a large river and you don’t have a boat. Do you build one? Do you look for a fallen log? Build a bridge? Do you invent a flying machine, or a rope system? Talk to the locals/ people who’ve been here before? (Trouble is, being an artist, no one you know has been exactly where you are, with the same exact issues, although there is always someone, it seems, who can help give some direction.) It seems to me, that my method so far is to walk up and down the shore, evaluating my options. Anyway, enough of the metaphor.

Because of work, and this particular phase I’m in, I’m finding it hard to keep up on my applications. I’m also unsure right now of how the work I’m wanting to do will actually pan out, and so that’s a bit of a problem when writing applications for shows, etc. It’s frustrating to me, because usually, I have a pretty clear path of what I want to do and how I plan to get there, but this one is a lot less clear.

I think all I really need here is time. Time to let it percolate, develop, time to research and learn, and figure out the details. Stay tuned.  (And take a look at all the fantastic “research” I’ve been posting!)

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