Performance: Art on the LRT!

On Friday, June 29th, from 5-9PM, I will be doing an informal performance at the Brentwood LRT station.  It is part of Art on the LRT, a project to bring into non-traditional spaces.

I will be there to talk to the public, as well introduce people to one of the Bacteriophages, which will move, and respond to people handling him.  It should be an interesting evening.  I particularly enjoy showing my work to the general public, people who may not normally have much exposure to art.  I particularly love that moment when they are deciding whether or not to believe me.  With the mechanical Morphoid, the first of a few, I hope, I not only get that decision, but the look of surprise on people’s faces when they realize that what I am/ they are holding is moving…. priceless.

Don’t I look credible?

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