Birthday Splurges!

As it’s coming up next week, I bought myself a couple of things for my birthday.  Meet Gerardo, my new studio sock monkey!  He has such a happy tail!

He fits my studio perfectly- he’s spunky and funky, and colourful.  Has a bit of attitude, and is unusual.  I think he’s a great addition.

The sock monkey is much more fun than the other part…. research.  I’m also planning to put part of my payment for the Art Gallery of Calgary show towards some materials, some electronic parts and building supplies.  Before I do that, though, I need to decide what I need.


Some books from Amazon:

Twyla Tharp, the Collaborative Habit (I absolutely love the other book I have of hers, the Creative Habit.  It helps a lot when I need to reground myself, when it seems difficult to work.  Often times, it helps me get going again, reading a section which stands out to me.  But that may be another post…!)

Making Things Move (Dustyn Roberts) is about building simple kinetic machines… lots of info on mechanisms, materials, basic electonics, motion… physics, actually. I’m hoping this will help get more moving Morphoids started.

The Arduino Cookbook (Michael Margolis).  This one is a beast.  673 pages of technical stuff and arduino code.  (Gulp.)  However, if I get even a little out of this, it’s worth it.

Making Things Move and the Arduino Cookbook aren’t easy reads… I have taken both out of the library, but to get the most out of them, I will need to write in them, underline things, sticky tab pages, break the bindings, you know, USE them.  (It seems that in buying myself a birthday gift, what I’ve really done is give myself more homework!)


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