In the Studio….: Finding a bit of Traction.


The other day, I managed a whole 12 hours in the studio, and actually felt somewhat productive by the end of the day.  Far from the most productive day I’ve had, but I felt like I had finally managed to get a bit of traction, so to speak.  These are just a few shots from the studio.  Doesn’t look like much now, but it’s definitely a start!

This is the start of a Nephropoleon skeleton.  Full size, although it doesn’t really look like it.  The stuffie is just there to give it form while I build it up.  It will have a long tail of vertebrae.  Below are some parts of the claw, and a couple of Bacterio poops thrown in for good measure.  (Gotta do something with that extra material!)


I might end up having to redo the whole thing, if it doesn’t work out quite like I intend.  That is just part of the process, although the material I am working with is more adaptable than you’d think.

Stay tuned for the finished skeleton!

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