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The goals I have set for myself for 2013 also fit really well with my values.  Here is some of my reasoning behind them.

1. Get one more rejection letter in 2013, than I did in 2012.  You don’t get opportunities if no one knows you’re out there and ready for them.  At least half of the game is getting on people’s radars, and being visible. Exhibitions and events help with that, but so does putting in a good application.

2. Apply to grad school. Advancing my education will create more opportunities, such as teaching.  I would love to teach, and think I would be good at it, although teaching is not my end goal.  Also, having two years to focus exclusively on your practice would be luxury…. I really do miss that.  Community is also an important part of this, and expanding my perception of the world.

3. Attend a minimum of 20 openings, not counting my own. Community.  Having a studio in my house is great, but sometimes it gets lonely.  And people forget about you if they don’t see your face occasionally. (And it’s fun, of course.)

4. Send out 4 newsletters. Community, keeping in touch with people, promotion.  Staying visible, and accountable to myself and those I know.

5. Spend more time working on my arts practice than I spend at work.  Although I work for an arts group, I don’t want my day job to take over my life.  I am still primarily an artist.  There is lots of overlap between the two, but I need to make sure to protect my studio practice.  The day job is important, but it is there to support my practice. If it overtakes my practice as an artist, I am not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  This goal is to help me remember my priorities and my core purpose.

6. Expose my work to more/different audiences.  Expand on my current community to include people who may not have seen my work.  I see this as moving outside of the art community in Calgary, in various ways.

7. Quit working by 9:30PM every night.  This last one is not really a goal, but a reminder to relax and maintain a balance.  I can be very busy doing a lot of things, but need to make a point of having down time as well, even if it’s only an hour before bed.

I think these are in line with my most important concerns: keeping and building on the community I have, learning as much as I can, and using my time wisely, to spend it doing what I should be doing, including relaxing.

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