I’ve given myself permission to take a bit of a break.  A break from working, anyway.  I need some time to let some things that are in my brain percolate, and possibly manifest into something.  They are both directly related to my practice, and not directly, but I feel like I need to take a step back and re-evalate what I want to spend my energy on at this point in time.  Strategize.  Listen to my gut, as your gut always knows what you should do.

It’s not a crisis, but a quiet introspection.  A gathering and arranging of thoughts and ideas, a re-ordering.  I may come out of it with something tangible, and I may not, but that’s okay.  It will clear things up in my head, and hopefully, I’ll have a renewed sense of direction.  Direction is related to purpose, and both are formed by reconnecting with your core.

Vague, I know.  Percolation time is always vague.  Percolation is not actively thinking about something, but letting sit in your subconscious (not forgetting about it, just not thinking about it), and allowing it time.  My subconscious mulls it over, like a rock in a river, and things usually come out much more resolved than when they go in.  I let it happen by the natural process, instead of interfering and complicating things.

I’ve always liked that term for this, percolation.  You smell the coffee, anticipate it’s deliciousness, and slow down.  It’s a time out.  It also gets better if you just leave it alone, and timing is everything.

Anyway, see you on the other side.

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