Pre-Launch Nerves.


I’m really quite excited (and a little terrified!) about starting this little business, Arts Assist.  It’s a leap of faith.  What if I fail?  Worse yet, what if I succeed?  Where might it go?  What if it’s too much for me? I could almost deal with not enough better. How much of my time will it take?  Will I be good at it?  So many questions, so many fears.  For now, I think I should just put my head down and work.  Work it out.  Start small.  Learn as I go.  Test it where I can, learn where I can, and try to keep my expenses down.  I’ve proven to myself that I can manage my arts career- how different will this be?  Can I manage this too?  Yes.

The funny thing is that Brad, my boyfriend, is a new entrepreneur as well.  He runs his own taekwondo club- Hydra Taekwondo.  There are things that are completely different between the two of us, and things that are surprisingly similar.  We’re both learning, and trying to share what we’ve learned with eachother.  It’s been a learning curve for him as well, and a lesson in having faith in yourself, and sticking with it.  Not letting fear get the better of you.  I should learn from him, and not be afraid to stick my neck out.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Nothing?  I’m no worse off than before.

Arts Assist provides services and resources of use to emerging artists.  From proof-reading artist statements and exhibition applications, to coaching services helping with time-management and goal setting and more, Arts Assist can help.  Arts Assist is launching February 4th, 1PM at!

In honour of the launch of Arts Assist, I will be offering a 30% discount on bookings made in the first week! Offer ends February 11, 1:00 pm.

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