Day Four.

Studio at the beginning

– This is our lovely studio pretty close to the beginning…. I will post another photo closer to the end. –

Much more energy today – better sleep last night – must have been really really tired.

So, we’re starting to get into a rhythm.  Get up, breakfast, warm up and not-Suzuki (focusing on identifying as a group and an individual in a group, sharing our energies, and getting out of our brains and into our bodies), lunch, games (to get into after lunch, including 4 square, and our Rock Paper Scissors competition, to collect points for the grand prize at the end of the residency).  In the afternoon, we started on our “Presentation” projects, with our groups.  The 5 groups of 5 will each have about a 10 minute show.

We also started “Articulation Lab” today, which is essentially animating things.  This is the part of the residency that scares me the most – I am more than happy making stuff, and am getting used to and starting to really enjoy some of the physical stuff, but playing with things, making them move and take on personalities intimidates me.  In today’s exercise, we made super quick puppets out of an article of clothing we had brought along.  In small groups, we came up with a short storyline, starting with the three puppets and combining them together to make them into something else.  There were some great little stories going on today, and some magical little puppets, made out of sweaters, socks, and even underpants.

Jenna and Ally_clay

– Ally and Jenna working on their clay faces. –


– Laura, my roommate, working on her clay face. And making her own face. –

Open Studio (where we make things): Tonight we made puppet faces out of clay, which we will mold with plaster and cast with flexible slip.  Flexible slip is a flexible, clay-like material that can be cast in a really thin layer, keeping a puppet really light, which is important.  The faces are all completely unique, and really expressive.  I made a guy who is all nose.  I noticed afterwards that I seem to have a sort of booger thing going on.

It was also nice to realize that, just like I feel inexperienced and somewhat insecure, so do other people.  There were a few conversations today about that, in various aspects of what we’ve been doing.  I suppose it’s nice and a really good thing that we all have different skills and interests- it’s what keeps things unpredictable and interesting.

Also of note:  Yesterday, we did an exercise: To explore two words, and come up with ten tableaus, with our 5 group members and a prop.  They were beautiful, and hilarious, and with some refinement, could have even stood as a show on their own.  Our two words were Explore, and Limitation, within which we found  quite a bit of overlap.  Our prop was an umbrella, which we found very laden with meaning, but yet versatile enough to be used as some different items.

Tomorrow is party night, as Wednesday will be our well deserved day off.  People are planning to do some hiking, go to the hot springs, etc, and there was even talk of tobogganing.  I’ve been really enjoying this so far, but I really could use a little time off… “Intensive” is an understatement.

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