Day… 6. Yes, it’s day 6.

Naomis clay face

– Naomi’s clay mask. –

Today was our day off.  I took it easy today, did some laundry, visited the library here at the Centre, had a nice long nap, watched some Dr. Who, and then after dinner, a bunch of us went to the hot springs.  So nice.  Nice to feel the ache of my muscles disappear some.

Yesterday, we had a little party, on top of our regular schedule of warm up/Suzuki, group project/Articulation Lab, and Open Studio.  Our group project took a much needed turn for the better, thanks to my Grimm’s Fairy Tales book.  We went from not being totally psyched on our idea (all in different ways), to feeling really concensus-y and excited about our new idea.  It is fairly simple, yet could easily be drawn out into 10 minutes, and everyone seems excited about it.  It has more depth and maturity than the first idea, and will have some fun puppets to build.

The biggest challenge for me so far is the Articulation Lab.  Articulation is actually playing with objects- so far, we’ve been using pieces of clothing, forming it into some sort of creature and playing with that.  This type of thing is not in my nature AT ALL, and I’m finding myself really challenged.  (That means I need to put my energy into it.)

Brian casting

– Brian pouring plaster to cast his mask. –


– Casting party! –

So in the evening, we poured plaster, making molds of our clay faces.  My face has a REALLY long nose, actually it’s almost all nose, so it took me four pours to get it done.  And it’s heavy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo before I cast it- will have to post that later.

Studio 4 square

– Four Square in the Studio –

So we hung out, played some Four Square and some Never Have I Ever.  We showed some clips of films, animations, puppet shows, etc, that members of the group had made in their pre-Puppet Intensive lives, and had some fun heckling.  I laughed a lot.  Around 1:30AM, decided to take a walk down the hill to the cemetery.  It was beautiful.  I think that cemetery walk will stand in my mind as a defining moment and powerful tableau of this adventure. (And I can’t remember the last time I was up that late.)

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