January 14th – Part 2


– A group shot from the first run though yesterday,  too bad you can’t see Caleb’s face. –


– Listening to feedback. –


– Rowan and Pete playing music at the party. (I don’t have a Sparkle Pants photo, or I might have posted that instead. ) –

Today was our day off.  I did laundry, went into town to go to the thrift store, had a lovely little nap, and went off to the studio to work on the raven choir, even though it was our day off.  There were actually quite a few people there, building crazy things.

Here’s some progress shots of the ravens:


– Paper Mache raven heads –


– A bad photo of a paper mache raven head with body. –


– Ravens painted black –


– Raven head –

And then today, added some black and white and silver, and some texture with feathers, and a great little fabric scarf I got from the thrift shop.


  – Excuse the awkward studio shot- I had just painted the puppets handle, and so couldn’t hold it up for a good photo.  –

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