Making stuff.


Making parts of things in the studio, for a few different things…

– tree fort (sideways, glue is drying.), and roof.

– brick box (not a chimney exactly), made of MDF, painted and hand carved brick design embossed on top.

– merry-go-round – will use the lazy susan mechanism there, hopefully I can get it to work as I want to… (why am I always trying to make things so much more complicated than they need to be?)

– a rough start on a “pape and taper” puppet head – that’s the masking tape ball with the dowel through it – (it might turn into Pinnochio with an adjustable nose for a post-puppetcamp collaboration, if I don’t change my mind.)

– 2 sets of puppet hands, one for Pinnochio, one for Nose Man.  These are just wire and tape, still need fleshing out and paper mache.  You can see my little jig for the wire.

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