MFA at the University of Waterloo!


 – Like snow sliding of the roof of the Gushul Studio, I am in transition. –

I haven’t mentioned it here yet for a few reasons, but I am moving to Ontario very soon- Waterloo, actually, to pursue my MFA at the University of Waterloo!  I am incredibly excited about it, yet, at the same time, it is very bittersweet.  There’s a lot of lasts happening right now, as I am committing to the move.  I will miss my wonderful life here, but know deep down inside that this is right, this is the next step.  I’ve gotta go, to see what’s in store for me yet.

Now that the initial excitement has worn off, I am getting nervous.  Not so much about being there (well, maybe a little), but about the big changes that are happening in my life.  I don’t know hardly anyone in Ontario, nevermind Waterloo.  I am nervous about getting everything arranged, so that I (hopefully!) don’t run into any big problems.  I’m nervous about packing up what I want to keep, take with me, and sell or give away.  I’m nervous about how I’m going to get rid of all my stuff.  (There’s nothing like moving across the country to realize how much stuff you have that you probably don’t need.)  And I’m in a weird place with my work right now- I will be just finishing up the animatronics project for the IMR before I go, and I’ve started on some new work, but at this point, I really don’t know what I’m doing yet.  (Which, I keep telling myself, is part of the journey of grad school- my work will change no matter what I’m doing now- I don’t have to have it all figured out.  In fact, it’s probably better if I don’t, although it’s really uncomfortable and against my nature for me to feel unprepared.)

The new MFA’s are ‘strongly encouraged’ to take advantage of the school studios when they become available in August, which I plan to do.  So I will have some time to get settled, and even make some work before the semester even begins.  I will be staying in a residence building just for graduate students, which I have already lined up for the beginning of August.  The time feels like too short and too fast all at once – this is actually happening!

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  1. I packed everything into the trunk of my car and arrived the day before my orientation. Your plan sounds much better! My advice for MFA studies is to fight for as much studio time as you can get. My schedule was so packed it ended up being similar to working full time and finding time for the studio on the side. Good luck and I hope your transition goes smoothly!

    1. Thanks! Honestly, that’s what I’ve been doing in the last couple of years anyway- fighting for as much studio time as I can get, so hopefully I’ll be able to maintain that… Thanks, hopefully it will be as smooth as possible, but I will get there in the end! The transition thing is tough, but I’m sure will be well worth it!

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