Spending a few days in Hanna, my hometown.

Special area

Now that I’m done work, I, rather impulsively maybe, decided to come out to visit my parents for a few days, and maybe help out with some things around here.  The timing is maybe not ideal- they’re both working, Dad on night shifts.  Even normally, my parents have a lot going on in their lives, socially and otherwise, including yoga, golf, friends, and working out at “the Ranch,” a quarter section of land just south of town.  I think this visit is more for me than anything- I’m feeling a little restless and sentimental about leaving (already!).

This will be one of the last trips I make out here, for who knows how long.  I have a trip planned early next month with a couple of good friends to go through to Manitou Beach, a unique mineral-rich, unusually buoyant lake in the middle of Saskatchewan.  It is not far from the towns where my parents grew up, and a little-known Saskatchewan treasure.  I have dreams about this place occasionally, and it occupies a special place in my heart.  It is also the reason, I suspect, that my mother can’t swim.

The last time I will be through here (Hanna) will be July 26th, as the first stop of my trip out to Waterloo.  I feel like I should be out here to document as much as I can – and filter my experience through my camera (as Mark does in Rent), something I’ve been thinking about lately.  Ever the documentor, I am, although I am not really sure why I feel compelled to do that.  Am I more sentimental than most people? I’m not sure.  The only thing I know for sure is that I am a savour-er, always have been and always will be. To that end, I stopped on my way out here to take a photo of a particular road sign which marks the edge of Special Area #2, where Hanna is located.  I always keep an eye out for this particular sign, and it always strikes me as amusing- What makes this area “special,” other than (to me) that I grew up here?  Why is it number 2, why not number 1?  I know why this actually is, but before I actually was aware of that, it held a lot of intrigue.  Also amusing to me now is that there is no Special Area #1, in Alberta, at least not anymore.

Anyway.  I brought my nice camera out here, will have to take some photos. Maybe I’ll post some later.

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