Goodbye, Calgary!


Even though I am excited about what’s coming up in my life (MFA at the University of Waterloo), it is tough to say goodbye.  I’ve spent the last 8 years of my life in Calgary, and it’s become my home.  I grew up only a couple of hours from here, so my family is close by (but not too close by).  I did my undergrad here, and most of my friends live here (or lived here).  I cut my teeth as an artist here, and learned a lot of lessons here.

It’s tough leaving, saying goodbye to all my wonderful friends, B, and my life here.  I think the thing that’s making it most real right now is my empty studio- a far cry from what it was even a few months ago.  I’ve thrown out, given away or sold a lot, packed up what I want to keep into my car, and come Saturday, will be on my way.  I’m driving all the way to Waterloo.  (Crazy, my neighbour says.)  It will take me a week to get there, but I’ve done the distance on the bus, so am aware of how long of a trip it is.  I’ll be fine.  (Actually, I think it will be a crucial part of the transition.)

I think the trip out there scares me more than school, although maybe that’s only because I haven’t gotten there yet.  Maybe.  In addition to my classes, I will be TA’ing an undergraduate course.  There is also a fall field trip planned for the MFA’s, but more on that later.  (And then the internship!  Who knows where I will be next summer!)


The studio now has nothing in it, even the table and chair is gone. All that remains are Brad’s things (the tv, the couch, and the DVD’s he’s moved downstairs) and the curtains.  Sad.


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