my Waterloo.


– A bad cell phone picture of me and my new studio. –

So I’ve arrived, safe and sound, after driving for a whole week, with everything I own in my car. Actually, I quite enjoyed the drive- got to see my family and a few old friends along the way, and listen to my music and see the country.  The car wasn’t so full that it was uncomfortable, and I packed it well- what I needed was where I needed and I used the space well. Anyway.

I’ve been here a few days now.  To be honest, this part has been the hardest part of the transition so far.  Saying goodbye wasn’t easy, but I could feel all the love from my family and friends, all the good wishes and support.  Now that I’m here, I feel really alone, and soooo far away from home.  I hardly know which way is north.  And I had a fiasco (and subsequent freak out) with my living arrangement, but don’t worry, I’ve got that sorted out now.

On a happier note, I moved into my studio today, and met a few people who I will be working with, including the graduate advisor, department administrator and one of my new studio mates.  It’s pretty quiet around the Fine Arts section of campus right now (although there is a surprising number of students around the rest of campus).  I spent some time moving into the studio today, sweeping up and getting things set up for myself, which I think is helping me feel more normal.  I can’t wait to start doing some work in there (although, with having to find an apartment at the last minute, I have less money than I anticipated, which means I have to wait for supply shopping).  In the meantime, I will spend some time working in my sketchbook, and using supplies I already have, and maybe even finish some things I’ve already been working on.  Because of the whole moving thing and everything else, I feel like I haven’t really been able to put in any decent studio time in the last few months at all, so I want to spend some time feeling out the space and getting settled in, both into the physical space and the right headspace.

Anyway.  Right now, I’m just trying to get used to a completely new place (not to mention the crazy muggy-ness – I now understand why people complain about Calgary being dry) and settle in.  I knew it would be a big change, but I don’t think I realized how BIG. It’s not a vacation where I can just go back home when I feel like it.  Home as I knew it is not there anymore. Right now, I’m really reminding myself why I’m here, why it is the right thing, and I need to do it, uncomfortable as it is right now, and telling myself that I will get used to it, and eventually, it will feel like home too.  Change sure as hell is not easy.

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