Koln (Cologne) !


– The view from my bedroom window.  –

An important part of my MFA program at UWaterloo is the Shantz Internship.  I have chosen to work with Alexandra Bircken in Cologne (Koln), Germany. (Actually, if you click through to her site, that is the table I’ve been working at, right on the front page).

It’s been a little overwhelming, coming to Europe for the first time by myself.  I flew into Amsterdam on the 16th of May, and took the train to Koln, and Alexandra picked me up from the train station. She has been great, incredibly helpful, generous, and full of useful information.  But Europe has been an adjustment.  I mean, it’s been good, been interesting, but absolutely EVERYTHING is different than what I’m used to.  The language is different, the money is different, the food is different.  The LIGHTSWITCHES are different.  I can’t read German, so simple things like going to the grocery store or out to eat is a bit of a challenge.  The other day I bought a sandwich without knowing what kind it was, because I couldn’t read the label.  Turns out it was fried tuna (and delicious, lol).

And the jet lag.  Tough to adjust my circadian rhythm.  And because of the time difference, calling (skyping) home has been a challenge… missing Waterloo.  But I’m slowly settling in.

Here are some pictures from the first few days in Koln.  🙂

20150520_175618 20150521_143333_HDR 20150521_143320_HDR 20150516_103843_HDR 20150521_145647_HDR 20150521_131715_HDR 20150521_121048_HDR 20150521_112822_HDR 20150521_111256_HDR 20150521_110358_HDR 20150521_111248_HDR 20150519_064513_HDR 20150519_064503_HDR 20150517_121229_HDR 20150517_091448_HDR 20150517_041117_HDR 20150517_041132_HDR 20150517_041348_HDR 20150516_104014_HDR 20150516_103704_HDR 20150521_144125_HDR

(King Street, for you Waterloovians.)


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  1. The washing machine! That would be my nemesis. Great to hear of your adventures, Jen. I had trouble adjusting to Europe even though the language is English (sort of!), the food is similar (mostly!), and the culture familiar (er … maybe not as much as I thought). Enjoy the continuing adventures!

    1. Thanks! I definitely took a leap here, challenging myself. My artist is awesome, though- she understands the overwhelm, and is such a great help!

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