The Artist Project!

Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans.
Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans.

Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans.[/caption]

Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans.
Artwork by Jennifer Akkermans. Photo by Marianne Burlew.

Another year gone….

Lamp posts in teacups.

As 2017 comes to a close, I’m thinking about all the things I’ve done this year, and what’s already in the works for next year.

Highlights of the year:

  • I had four of my artworks in an exhibition at Pier 21 in Halifax and got to meet my family in Nova Scotia to do a bit of travelling and go to the opening. I was able to visit with an old friend while I was there.
  • I am currently an Artist in Residence at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, which allows me access to an amazing woodshop space and encourages me to make the most of my studio time and go regularly.  I am the most productive than I’ve been since grad school, which feels really great.
  • The other factor of my recent productivity is that I have completed a grant project from the Region of Waterloo to make six mechanical sculptures (and have learned a LOT in the process). Stay tuned as I will share images and videos of the project!
  • I have opened up some avenues to offer my work for sale, including here on my website, as well as at Open Sesame, and in the gift shop at the Living Arts Centre.
  • I have become a member of Uptown Gallery here in Waterloo and am getting to know some new artists.
  • I have resurrected my newsletter and am enjoying the conversations that are happening because of it.
  • Last but not least, I’m loving hanging out with the fur ball in my apartment, my lovely little orange kitty, Tickie. She’s crawling all over me as I write this. 🙂

And a personal highlight, I got to go home for a bit in the summer, to go to the wedding of a couple of my best friends.

Things to look forward to in 2018:

  • Showing my work in the Installation Zone at The Artist Project in February – Eek!
  • Documenting and sharing the new artwork I’ve been working so hard on to finish…. automata!
  • Continuing to make new work as a resident artist at the Living Arts Centre, including an upcoming Resident Artist exhibition!
  • And I’ve got a few other things in the works (that I’m not ready to share yet… but soon)!

All the best to all of you in 2018!


Exhibition: Canada Day One at Pier 21

Stuck Inside (2015). MDF, polyfilla, plexiglas, paint, sandpaper, digital photo frame. 17” x 15” x 5”.

Canada Day One is now open at Pier 21!

The exhibition runs March 18 – November 12, 2017. The opening reception will be April 11.  If you’re in Halifax, be sure to check it out!

Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their support!


This weekend, I am participating in an art market in Uptown Waterloo, run by the City of Waterloo.  The plan was to use it as the launch of my new website,  Unfortunately, I had something unplanned happen this week that has caused me not to have enough time and energy to do this properly- I had my last two wisdom teeth removed, as they were bothering me.  All is well now, but I have to compromise a bit with my plans for the new website.

So, for now, affordable directs to this site,  When I feel I am recovered, I will put the energy into fulfilling the original plan- to make a place where you can get *ahem* affordable houses!  Affordable Houses that you can take home and hang in your apartment.  (Hee hee.)

Anyway, see you at the art market tomorrow!

Projection Tests


I’ve been doing some projection tests in order to figure out what’s possible for my thesis show. Here are a few of the more interesting pictures.

Below are giant projections of my studio space.

StudioProjection1 StudioProjection2 StudioProjection3 StudioProjection4



It’s been a while.

It’s not that I’m not interested in writing, or wanting to neglect you, dear Blog, but did I tell you I’m working on my MFA?  My apologies, dear Blog, but I’ve had a hard time fitting you into my schedule.  Anyway, I think I’ve found a free few hours in which to write.

It’s been wild, dear Blog. Wild.  Crazy busy and intense.  I’m learning a lot, not only in my schoolwork, but in my life as well.  This year has been incredibly challenging, but also incredibly wonderful.  I’ve learned a few hard lessons, but I have a new appreciation for the simple things, and have learned to have faith that everything will come together.  I know how lucky I am. I know that it’s okay to let things go that aren’t serving me as well as they could without knowing what’s coming, in order to make room for possibility. You can’t stop change from happening, try your best to enjoy the current moment. You can never go back.

Which leads me to my theme.  Home.  I am currently visiting my parents, in Hanna, Alberta, after having lived two semesters in Waterloo, Ontario.  It is strange to be back here, a place I’ve missed and longed for since I left last July.  I thought my longing would finally be appeased, even if only temporarily.  The funny thing is that now I miss Waterloo.

The idea of home is something that sneaks up on you.  Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have called Waterloo home, now I call it that almost every day.  When did Waterloo become home?  Will I always long for the place I cannot be?

What exactly is “home”? Is it really even tied to location?  Is it where your family is, your friends, your boyfriend?  Is it a place that only exists within your heart, or (worse), your memory?  Can you ever go home? Can you ever BE home? I’m starting to think that only those who have never left home really have a home. (But even that is problematic.  What about the passing of time?)  Do you only know what home is once you are away?  Do you have to leave for home to even exist?

I’m also preparing for my Shantz Internship, which is coming up VERY soon here, May 15th.  I am going to Cologne, Germany, to work with Alexandra Bircken for six weeks. (Very exciting!) I will have a little more than a week once I get back to Waterloo to get everything ready to go to Germany.  The funny thing, (and I really feel terrible admitting this) is that while I am very excited and really want to go on my internship, I kind of don’t want to leave Waterloo. Go figure.

I am using this summer to study this idea, as it applies to myself.  I have four places I will be this summer, and four ways they relate to home:

  • Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – This is my physical home, where I currently reside. (Although there are things going on here- I just found out that my landlord is selling the house, so I’m evicted- won’t have an apartment to return to when I get back from Europe. But I’ll deal with that later. “Have faith that everything will come together.”)
  • Hanna, Alberta, Canada – My where-I’m-from home, where I grew up and where my parents still live.
  • Cologne, Germany – A completely new place for me. This is a temporary place for me, may never be described as home.
  • the Netherlands – A mythical home for me.  My father’s side of the family is from the Netherlands.  I have roots there, and so have had a mythical idea of this place in my head for all of my life.  I’ve never been there.

I am curious to hear what others think the concept of “Home” is.  Is it a physical location? A country?  A town? A house? A state of mind?  Family? Friends? A lover? Is home familiarity? Routine? Comfort? Longing? Is the word “home” only a way of approaching how we treat a place? Is home in your blood? Can home be a place you’ve never been? Is home your past? Does it only exist within yourself?  Does home even exist at all?

All I know is that you can never really go home (but I will always want to).



Part of my experiment of trying to catch a real moment.  This (and the next selfie) are now giant light boxes, 30″ x 40″.  This one is Loneliness.

Talisman (A Lightbox)

JAKkermans_lightbox talisman_blog


This object is a collection of trinkets from my life, a talisman of sorts.  It has no real value, other than sentimentally, even to me.  It exists as a catalogue of memories- happy, sad, humourous, bittersweet, naïve, distant and ongoing.  The objects are cheap, simply stand-ins for people I’ve known, places I’ve been, lessons learned, moments in time.  They are connected in the chain, making up small parts of the larger whole, my life. They are intertwined, unable to be separated, non linear, like the memories within my brain.  They are things I’ve made, things I’ve earned, things I’ve picked up, and things I’ve stolen.  Everything has a story, a bit of significance in my life. Not a large significance, however- the real significance is the way the moments add up, to make me who I am today.  Through these objects, I remember my Oma, my first boyfriend, my childhood best friends, our Japanese exchange students, the kids I used to babysit.  I remember the summer I learned to whittle, getting my ears pierced, my first day of college, how lonely I was in Montreal, a trip to Santa Fe. It’s a map of where I’ve been.


A project from my elective, Hybrid Digital Media.  See my HDM blog here.

Two Weeks In.


Grad school is going to kick my butt.

It’s only been two weeks, and already it feels like the end of semester crunch time.  I have done a bunch of short answer responses for various classes, a bunch of readings (for both my classes and my TAship), made a bunch of GIFs (and more on the way), written and revised (and re-revised) my syllabus I am designing for my pedagogy elective, attended classes as a Teaching Assistant, gone to the library about 8 times, had a personal meeting with the librarian, done my WHMIS module, done my Academic Integrity Module (“Don’t plagiarize!”), argued with the student loan people, gone for a beer with my classmates on a whim, gone to 3 openings and a birthday party, cried rather memorably because of the smoke at said birthday party, went to about 15 welcome events, all of which served pizza, attended sholarship information sessions, and found my way through “Needless Hell” (Needles Hall), and had my first studio visit.  Phew.

I’m also planning a research paper (that’s going to be interesting, if I can pull it off), and thinking about potential artists to intern with.  We (the MFA’s) are going on a field trip in the beginning of October to New York (EEEK!) and then the department is holding it’s Sculpture Symposium, which will include visiting artist lectures from 7 artists, studio visits for the MFA’s, and a few other events.  We will also be mentoring some of the senior level undergraduates, and have an exhibition coming up in October.

I haven’t even mentioned my studio work.  In addition to my serious studio work (which I am totally shaking up in order to start something new), I am taking an elective, Hybrid Digital Media, for which I am required to keep another blog as a digital sketchbook.

On top of it all, I am re-adjusting back to life as a student, and not just a student, but a grad student.  I have moved from Calgary, where I have spent the last 8 years of my life.  I sold/gave away/got rid of everything I owned that I didn’t bring with me in my car.  Not only am I adjusting to a city where I know no one except my classmates, all of my friends and family are still back home.  And I recently split up with my longterm boyfriend, on top of everything else.  I’ve given up a lot to be here and I’m not going back.

I’m really not trying to complain – I want to be here, and I want to make the best of it – but the experience is really going to push me, as it should.  I’ve gotta find a way to manage it, get into my new groove, and see where it takes me.  I hope that this is the toughest part of the transition.  Hopefully by the end of it, I’ve learned a lot, developed some new work, and built something of a new life for myself here.  I guess now I get down to work and see what happens.  Stay tuned.

On the bright side, I’ve been sleeping really well, probably because I’m so completely exhausted when I get to bed.

(The GIF is a quick little sample that I, Neda and Ryan made in my elective, Hybrid Digital Media. I’m not quite sure how they conned me into it.)

Liminal Space


Liminal: “threshold.”

“…a unique spiritual position where human beings hate to be but where the biblical God is always leading them. It is when you have left the tried and true, but have not yet been able to replace it with anything else. It is when you are finally out of the way. It is when you are between your old comfort zone and any possible new answer. If you are not trained in how to hold anxiety, how to live with ambiguity, how to entrust and wait, you will run…anything to flee this terrible cloud of unknowing.”
– Richard Rohr

I am in the in-between space- having left behind my life in Calgary, and not yet really started this chapter here in Waterloo.  I am here to do my MFA, and have come early to get settled in, so that the inevitable business of September will hopefully not be too much of a shock.  There was a minor crisis when my living arrangement fell through, but now I have a room rented in a place which I think may actually be a pretty good fit (fingers crossed), possibly a blessing in disguise.  I don’t move in there until month’s end, however, just before classes start, so for now, I’m in the liminal space. The in-between.

I’m trying to relax, slow down, explore the new city (cities, actually, Kitchener AND Waterloo), rest and calm down.  I’ve been doing okay with that, I think, although it’s not easy.  If you know me at all, you know that I usually have a few different things on the go at any point in time, so this kind of unstructured time is a little tough for me to wrap my head around.  I’m anxious and nervous, and have a million things I need to do and get, hardly any of which I can or should do before my funding comes in or I move into the place I’ll actually be staying at.  Such as getting a few pieces of furniture, a dresser, for instance, or a new computer, which I am really starting to need.  (This one is starting to pull some serious attitude.)

So, I’ve been hanging out in the studio, getting settled in there, starting to make some little things and write lists of things I think I’ll need.  I’ve also been walking around quite a bit, checking out Uptown Waterloo, as well as some other fun things, such as the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (KWAG), and the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery.