Electronics: Servo Research

I’ve been doing some research on electronics lately, lots of reading of really complicated books.  I’ve also been doing research on the internet (what did we do before the internet?), and have come up with a few good resources.  The trick is not only to find useful information, but information I can understand and adapt to what I want it to do.

Here are some great videos I’ve found on managing servo motors with Arduinos.  Now, to build some things.

There’s a lot of really neat stuff out there, but it does get creepy really quickly:


“Anatomy” drawings

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Fat Layer

"Anatomy" Drawing- Morphoid leg

I’ve been trying to use my time more wisely lately, using the odd bits of downtown I get, and my time on the C-train. This is helping to rejuvenate my practice, which has been on the back-burner for a little bit, with this new job.  The job is fairly flexible, although it is sometimes hard for me to predict when I will be busy and when I may have some slower time.  Every week is different, depending on what is going on. For example, this last week was a little slower, but I know that the next couple could very well be a little crazy.

Anyway, I’ve been using my time, and using my sketchbook.  Now that I’m working, I have a little money to order some basic supplies, which was the other reason why my practice was put on hold a little. I’m working on a performance this summer, a dissection, for which I need tools, and Morphoid body parts.  So, I’ve been making a few things, thinking about a lot of things, and drawing.  Here’s a few of the sketches, Mophoid parts.  I am purposely leaving them a little cryptic.

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Liver

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Fat Layer

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Stomache (and Contents)