February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 5

So, I’m well aware that I missed a day, but I have decided that instead of beating myself up about it, I’m just going to skip it and not worry about it.  Yesterday was a really busy day, anyway, and really, this challenge, while fun, is not a priority in my life.

Yesterday, I installed my upcoming current(!) show in the Untitled Art Society’s +15 Window in the EPCOR Centre!  While it looked great when I left, apparently a couple of things have fallen, and so I need to fix them tomorrow, on my way into “work.”  (More photos on the show to come!)

Today was busy as well…. working on a few things, a couple of submissions, getting some stuff together (for some press releases), updating stuff, working on other things.  Really cryptic, I know, but you know I don’t like giving out too many details on things that are unconfirmed/not past the “oh, that’s a possibility” stage.

My photo of the day, for 10AM, is tea!  Earl grey, of course!  (Tea means “work time,” most of the time.)


February Photo A Day Challenge: Day 3


Day three is… Hands!  I know this is not a literal interpretation, but why not push things a little? These are my absolute favorite drawing materials that I use in my sketchbooks and journals all the time.  They are Caran D’Ache Neocolor II watercolour crayons.  Heaven in a stick.

February Photo A Day Challenge!

So I found the February Photo A Day challenge via Tracy, and I thought maybe I’d give it a try.  See if it sparks anything, or if I learn something… the challenge is to take a photo a day, according to these prompts.

So, for today’s prompt, “Your view Today,” I decided to photograph what’s going on in my studio right now… just finishing up painting a few things, both for my upcoming show at Untitled Art Society, and a couple of “mounts,”  which will eventually hold taxidermied Morphoid specimens!  I know it probably doesn’t look like much right now, but it will when I’m done!  There are four mounts, a couple of brochure holders, panels (for information), and a larger panel for specimens.  And the paint looks so delicious…. “Chocolate Brownie,” which makes everything look edible… doesn’t that “mount” there look like a scrumptious bar of chocolate?

This is just primer and stuff on the other counter.  Not near as delicious-looking.

Ok, maybe tomorrow’s photos will be more interesting.