January 14th – Part 2


– A group shot from the first run though yesterday,  too bad you can’t see Caleb’s face. –


– Listening to feedback. –


– Rowan and Pete playing music at the party. (I don’t have a Sparkle Pants photo, or I might have posted that instead. ) –

Today was our day off.  I did laundry, went into town to go to the thrift store, had a lovely little nap, and went off to the studio to work on the raven choir, even though it was our day off.  There were actually quite a few people there, building crazy things.

Here’s some progress shots of the ravens:


– Paper Mache raven heads –


– A bad photo of a paper mache raven head with body. –


– Ravens painted black –


– Raven head –

And then today, added some black and white and silver, and some texture with feathers, and a great little fabric scarf I got from the thrift shop.


  – Excuse the awkward studio shot- I had just painted the puppets handle, and so couldn’t hold it up for a good photo.  –

Day two.

Puppets– This is our wall of puppets to play with- there’s probably… at least 75 or so puppets hanging around, although not all of them are in this picture.  I don’t know if you can see them, but wayyyy in the back are two Morphoids, Gynoecium and Pteropod…. wayyy in the back. –

Um…. I’ll maybe keep it short and sweet. Busy, busy, busy days, seems like there’s not even enough time to take a few photos.

The structure of the day followed much like yesterday- first thing warm up, ‘not-Suzuki’ exercises in the morning, and we played some games in the afternoon, including “Body Count,” one of the made up games from yesterday which was quite fun and surprisingly strategic (creating and breaking alliances, etc).  We spent more time in the making studio today, however, doing two activities- making a ‘larval lump’ out of fabric (surprisingly similar to what I’ve done with making the Morphoids), and resuming our pairs from yesterday to make simple puppets out of paper and tape.  Tomorrow, we will find out what we’ll be doing more with the Lumps, and showing our Taper and Pape puppers.

Nosepicker and Sara

– Sara and the orifice picker puppet, whom Sara and I made. –

I am paired with Sara Tilley, a writer and performer who runs a theatre company in St. John’s.  (Turns out, she’s been in Calgary recently, we know some of the same people.) We have made this aggressive, ghouly, rude puppet, who has a long pointy finger and many orifices in which to poke it, if he so chooses.  That sounds horrible, I wish I had a photo to explain better…. maybe tomorrow.  [Photo added.] He is overly aggressive, and has a bit of an attitude that makes you quiver at the end of his sharp, pointy finger.

The other lovely thing about this puppet (if he worked properly- mechanism idea is good, but should be made out of something other than paper and tape), is that he can change his form.  He is, I would say, averagely proportioned, until he extends himself, then he becomes taller, larger, in an effort to be more intimidating. If we could get the mechanism to work, it would be lovely.

Anyway, it’s 11:30, off to bed after another long (but fabulous!) day!