Videos by Puppet Camp Friends

I thought I would share some of the video work available online from some of the other Puppet Intensive participants.  One night we had a bit of a video show and tell/ heckling night, looking at video work from anyone who brought work to share.  These are just a few.

Maybe I’ll start with a clip by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop– this is the music video to Feist’s Honey Honey.


Feast, by Rob Leveroos. See more at Lone Feather Studio.

Feast from RLeveroos on Vimeo.


Brian Fidler’s Ramshackle Theatre, with a trailer for their Sci-Fi Double Feature.

Sci-Fi Double Feature – Trailer from Edward Westerhuis on Vimeo.


And finally, a short video by Shelby Lyn Lowe.

There is quite the contrast among all the work- I enjoyed that everyone came from such different backgrounds. ¬†Some ideas of performance, such as Rob’s visual poetry, are such an interesting contrast to my idea of performance, such as my work, A Bacteriophage Dissection, below.


(Ok, I’ll shut up about Puppet Camp now. Maybe.)

St[Art] Residency Windup….

Animation aftermath 

So, as I’ve been working in the St[art] space at art central for the last two months, Thursday night was the final showing of the work I made while I was there. ¬†It was an excellent opportunity to have space to work on something I wouldn’t be able to do at home (ex. animation), but I found it to be a much different experience than, say, the Gushul Residency, because, while I had work space, I was still in the same city as the rest of my life, so finding the time to use the space to it’s fullest was a bit of a challenge. ¬†(Whereas, when we were at the Gushul, there was lots of time to work, less distractions, and sometimes I found myself working because I didn’t have anything else I *needed* to do.)

Anyway, here’s the animation I did. ¬†It’s not quite finished, as it still needs sound. ¬†It will fit into the documentary that I finished this summer.