Some cool textile/craft blogs!

A bunch of cool blogs I came across while researching some pattern making stuff for my directed studio….

Spot On: Textiles blog – Fashion designer’s profiles….interesting.

Fashioning Technology – Textiles and technology – too many cool things to look at here, such as conductive thread!  How exactly would you use this?

Poshlush – More “Craft” than textiles.  I especially love the Tie-pography, but then, I have a thing for ties.

Core 77 – I love the texture in this garment!

and Cardboard Art Sculptures.

Back to School!

So this week is back to school for me…. AWESOME!  I go to the Alberta College of Art + Design, and school is a lot of fun for me.  I am currently taking four classes, but it might soon be three, because I don’t need four.  I’m taking: Material Culture, Multi-harness weaving, Sculpture: Concepts and Strategies, and a Directed Studio.  The directed studio is much more free than the rest, in that we don’t have specific assignments, but are free to follow our own interests, working under an instructor.  Out of the five of us in my class, three are doing tapestry, one is doing garments of hand dyed silk, and then there’s me.  I do polyester.  I layer it, sew it together, and melt it.  I make things out of it.

For the directed studio, I would like to:
– Do samples (play with color, texture, shape and construction) to make
– 3-4 3D Polyester sculptures of a good size- minimum 2′
– Make a “Quilt” out of the same material, attempting to push the material into questioning what fibre is and how we see it
– Do more research on polyester- history, properties, uses, and how are other artists working with it?

My goals for the semester:
– Get good grades, developing a solid body of work and documenting it properly.
– Get accepted to do a show in the student gallery (Marion Nicoll Gallery), “Self Portrait,” showcasing my journals.
– Put in a stellar scholarship application package.
– Develop an action plan to defer my pattern of depression in the summer

I think these are reasonable goals, and I am actually quite proud of how much I did over Christmas break- I updated my portfolio AND finished my website, which had been a mess for a long time.