Narrative Clip


220023I’ve been attempting to capture a real moment.  This is what the selfies have been, as well as a few other things I haven’t shared here.  The problem is, that by the act of capturing the moment (through taking a selfie, an audio recording, or video), I’m automatically influencing the moment, negating it’s ‘realness.’  It’s a catch 22.

So, introducing the next iteration, the Narrative Clip.  I ordered this camera from PhotoJoJo, and have been wearing it for a while now. It is a small wearable camera that takes a photograph every 30 seconds.  I have committed to wearing it for all of February, if not longer. I think the point is that I have to wear it long enough that it becomes second nature and I am not so painfully aware of it. It isn’t the perfect solution to my problem of negating the real moment, but it’s the next step in figuring it out.

I’m getting a lot of crappy pictures of my apartment and my studio, but also some interesting photos.  I’m not sure what I will do with these photos, if anything at all, but it’s an experiment I think I need to do, so I’ve committed.  Here’s a few examples of what I’ve captured so far.


The bathroom photos are still the most interesting, because what I’m interested in is me, not necessarily the outside world. (Cleaning my teeth with a syringe because I got my wisdom teeth taken out recently.)



Fridge shot. 144612

Studio wall.



A few of us MFA’s went out dancing the other night- I was wearing a pair of ears that I had made and had clipped the camera to them- this photo was taken when I dropped my ears on the floor at our friend’s house.

052211A few photos from the club…



I’ve been getting the odd enigma photo as well… who knows what this is?


Or this?