Trying something new! Painting!

I’ve decided to try my hand at painting a little bit.  Just for fun.  So I found some old canvas boards I’ve had kicking around the studio for a while, and went to town.  Here’s some of what I’ve got…. 

Some of them I like as is, and some need some more layers, I think.  I’m thinking of pushing back some of the colour on some of them using some gesso, and layering some more on top of them, doing some drawings, etc.

I’m approaching it in much the same way as I do my journals… When I paint, I often just scrape the colour on, pushing it around, dabbing some here and there, using textured things to apply it, etc.  My hand carved stamps almost always end up in the equation, because I love their graphic qualities, and it’s an easy way to add some more detail.

Speaking of journals, I’ve also been doing some “soul searching,” lately, as, while most of my life is going really well, there are a couple of things I would like to change/ work on. So I’ve been doing some thinking and writing and planning for that.  (The text is blurred out in the image for my personal privacy. I’m all for sharing, but being able to choose what I want to share is important.)

The images on this page are bits of postcards and things, not my own images.  And some rub-ons.

I really should post journal pages more often, don’t you think?