Infinity of Intimate Space

Image: Venessa Heddle, still from Funeral Wells (19:33 min digital video) shot with a Mobius Action cam affixed to a CNC router.

I am in an exhibition at Inter/Access this month, curated by Aliya Karmali.

According to the I/A website: Infinity of Intimate Space features four emerging artists whose works explore space through memories and dreams. The exhibition is inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s book, The Poetics of Space, which discusses the phenomenologist’s study of the sites of our intimate lives. From the intimacy of our houses, to desolate landscapes and brimming cities, to the deconstruction of digital forms, what reveries do we explore within the spaces we immerse ourselves in?”

The exhibition runs November 16th to December 10th, 2016.

You Can Never Go Home

My thesis exhibition for my MFA at the University of Waterloo is coming up VERY SOON- May 5 – 21, 2016, at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery!

About the exhibition:

Jennifer Akkermans / You Can Never Go Home / UWAG – Gallery Two

In the summer of 2014, Jennifer Akkermans packed everything she owned into her car and moved from Calgary to Waterloo. Since then, she has been attempting to build a home for herself in Ontario. You Can Never Go Home is a physical manifestation of this process. Torn between remembering her prairie home and attempting to acclimatize to a new place, Akkermans uses herself as a case study. Like some of the artworks in the exhibition, the process is incomplete. The obsessiveness and anxiety of the installation speaks to the discomfort and sense of discovery at the heart of her transition.

More info on the Waterloo Fine Arts website.

Building up again?

Mouth House_Akkermans

Here are some photos of things I’ve been playing with in the studio, stuff I’ve been making.  I’m not really sure what it is yet.

Merry Go round_Akkermans

– Merry Go Round (Please excuse the bad photo.)

Windmill in progress_Akkermans

– Windmill (in progress- will move hopefully, as I’m interested in making it kinetic.)


And this barn I’ve built….


… which I’ve been playing with projecting inside of, with a pico projector.

Since starting my MFA here at Waterloo, I’ve blown everything up, and am currently in the process of building things up again.   I’m not sure how things will come together, but that is the point of doing my MFA, to figure that out and hopefully come up with an interesting body of work.  These are just the first few steps in that direction (hopefully).  I think that the “trying to capture a real moment” that I’ve been doing as well might end up colliding with these, but at this point, I have no idea how.  We’ll see.  🙂

Talisman (A Lightbox)

JAKkermans_lightbox talisman_blog


This object is a collection of trinkets from my life, a talisman of sorts.  It has no real value, other than sentimentally, even to me.  It exists as a catalogue of memories- happy, sad, humourous, bittersweet, naïve, distant and ongoing.  The objects are cheap, simply stand-ins for people I’ve known, places I’ve been, lessons learned, moments in time.  They are connected in the chain, making up small parts of the larger whole, my life. They are intertwined, unable to be separated, non linear, like the memories within my brain.  They are things I’ve made, things I’ve earned, things I’ve picked up, and things I’ve stolen.  Everything has a story, a bit of significance in my life. Not a large significance, however- the real significance is the way the moments add up, to make me who I am today.  Through these objects, I remember my Oma, my first boyfriend, my childhood best friends, our Japanese exchange students, the kids I used to babysit.  I remember the summer I learned to whittle, getting my ears pierced, my first day of college, how lonely I was in Montreal, a trip to Santa Fe. It’s a map of where I’ve been.


A project from my elective, Hybrid Digital Media.  See my HDM blog here.

New Work: Pillowbrain


Pillowbrain (2014). Paper mache, plaster, cotton, stuffing.  15” x 14” x 8”.

This work is part of Melancholia, the new series I am working on.  Pillowbrain depicts a feeling I associate with depression- the feeling that my brain is full of fluff, and is about as conductive to coherent thought. Despite lacking an actual face, I think the work is quite expressive, as you can adjust the pillow quite easily to convey different emotions through body language.



New Work: Column

Jennifer Akkermans_Column_1

Column (2014). MDF, paint, apoxie sculpt, silk fibres. 13” x 5 ½” x 5 ½”.

This work is part of Melancholia, the new series I am working on.  Column expresses the futility of feeling trapped (when really, all you probably need is someone’s help).  This work was really hard to photograph, especially down inside the column, so I’ve included a photo with the figure outside of it, just for documentation’s sake.

Jennifer Akkermans_Column_2


Jennifer Akkermans_Column_detail

New Work: Inner Theatre

Inner Theatre

Inner Theatre (2014). MDF, polymer clay, plexiglass, paint, music box and custom electronics.  17” x 13” x 7”.  

This work is part of Melancholia, the new series I am working on.  Inner Theatre uses a music box and custom electronics to recreate a feeling which I associate with my experience with depression.  The hand with spiral motif symbolizes a personal journey.

Jennifer Akkermans_Inner Theatre_2

Inner Theatre


Inner Theatre, A mechanical sculpture by Jennifer Akkermans. from Jennifer Akkermans on Vimeo.

New Work In Progress

Inner Theatre_in progress

I’ve been working on some other things in the last few days, sculpture with some electronics. Part of my plan for this residency is to finish up some work I’d just started, and to make more. I’ve finished up a couple of things, and hope to get the documentation photos I took today edited and up soon. This is a work in progress shot, although the work depicted is finished now, and working as it should be! I feel like I accomplished something tangible today! 🙂

(Did I mention the light in here is amazing? I wish I could always use this space for documentation.)