Ephemeral Home (The Last Post)

This is a partial video of the work we showed for the Open House in Blairmore, and at the Blueprint Gallery in Lethbridge.  It is a house we constructed out of scrap lumber, covered with white cotton, and projected images onto.  Latifa made the sound component, which emanates out from inside of the house.

Ephemeral Home documents our collaborative experience as artists-in-residence at the Gushul Studio, in the Crowsnest Pass, in September of 2011.  It has been our home away from home, both increasingly familiar and surreal.  As a collaborative experience living in close proximity with someone who was not so long ago a stranger, this installation documents our shared feelings and experiences as we relate to each other, and our new environment.

Thank you, Trap/Door, for the amazing opportunity!

Thank you especially to Mike, for orchestrating it all, and letting us stay at your house.

Also, thanks to Blueprint Gallery for hosting our show in Lethbridge!

A special thank you to Krisztina, Kristin, and everyone else we met in Blairmore!

And last, I’d like to say thank you to Latifa, for being so open and sharing, smart and entertaining, and a pleasure to be around.  I think I’ve made a good friend.

Still working….

Things are starting to come together.  I’ve redone the slip cover, ironed it and put it onto the frame.  We cleaned the studio, and have some idea where to move all the furniture for the open houses.

Tonight Latifa moved the sound stuff into the studio and installed it under the house.  I still need to adjust the projection, hopefully so it will fall just on the house.  We are excited to see how this will turn out, all of it together!


So I know that I’ve been a little quiet lately…. due to a couple of things.  1) Brad came to visit yesterday- Hi Brad! and 2) We’ve been reformulating a little bit. Brad also brought me a bunch of tools, so I could make something physical.

Today, I built this thing.  It’s the frame of a house.  It will be covered in white cotton, which we will be projecting onto, now that I got the projector, got it working, and all is well with that.  Latifa is working hard on the sound component.  We are definitely feeling happy and more focused with this new direction.  🙂

A Shift.

Latifa working on her drawing, from my "little viewing window," up in the bedrooms. You can see the whole studio from here.

Today we’ve been working a bit.  Latifa says she’s been playng with her sound program, and so feels like she’s getting somewhere with that, which is great.  I’ve been feeling stuck with the 3D stuff, but we went for coffee today, and talked about some things, and I think some things are going to change a little.  I think I’m going to build something.  But that’s all I’m going to say for now, because so much depends on what’s available to me to use to be able to execute the idea.

Last night, Brad told me that the projector I ordered showed up at our house in Calgary. YAY!!  I was worried about it, because I bought it on ebay, and then, after they had shipped it, I realized my postal code was listed incorrectly, and so I wasn’t sure if it would make it to my house.  But it did!  So he’s probably going to come visit this weekend, and bring a few things out for me.  and it’ll be great to see him- I haven’t seen him since I left, two weeks ago!  Yay!

And knowing we have the projector changes things for me a little…. I am not stuck to what I can show with my computer or a video screen.  I want to try projecting from the “little viewing window,” but I think the wall is just too far away.  But we’ll try it.