“Anatomy” drawings

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Fat Layer

"Anatomy" Drawing- Morphoid leg

I’ve been trying to use my time more wisely lately, using the odd bits of downtown I get, and my time on the C-train. This is helping to rejuvenate my practice, which has been on the back-burner for a little bit, with this new job.  The job is fairly flexible, although it is sometimes hard for me to predict when I will be busy and when I may have some slower time.  Every week is different, depending on what is going on. For example, this last week was a little slower, but I know that the next couple could very well be a little crazy.

Anyway, I’ve been using my time, and using my sketchbook.  Now that I’m working, I have a little money to order some basic supplies, which was the other reason why my practice was put on hold a little. I’m working on a performance this summer, a dissection, for which I need tools, and Morphoid body parts.  So, I’ve been making a few things, thinking about a lot of things, and drawing.  Here’s a few of the sketches, Mophoid parts.  I am purposely leaving them a little cryptic.

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Liver

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Fat Layer

"Anatomy" Drawing - Morphoid Stomache (and Contents)