A Peek into the Creative Process…/ Balance

I thought I’d post this…. a peek into my creative process.  This is a recent page in my sketchbook where I’m playing with some ideas to build some “didactic panels,” including using a couple of version of an electronic set up to create a informational recordings and some specimen display cases.  Maybe I can build a couple of these when things settle down a little for me.

Things have definitely been busy.  I just finished the EMMEDIA film project, Morphopodia, and *BOOM* I’m off on this Gushul Residency. Right after I get back from here, I’ll be participating in Spark, a collaborative performance, which will culminate in two performances in October, the 18th and 19th, which is my birthday.  One thing after another.  After Spark, I have a residency in the St[art] space in Art Central for November and December.  My original plan was to do some animation there, but that might change.  It’s even hard to predict now, when it’s only a month and a half away.  And I’m also working on stuff for the New Alberta Contemporaries Exhibition, happening in January.  And wanting to apply for grad school this year. And keeping up with the IMR blog, and this blog here, and keeping an eye on calls for submissions and what’s going on in Calgary, and other places.  Things are definitely busy… sometimes almost overwhelmingly busy.  And I’ve been lucky.  To be accepted to do all these things, and to be able to do them.  To have these opportunities and projects to persue.  It sure doesn’t get boring.

I think my challenge for the next year is to find a balance.  A balance of working, both my arts practice and a job.  A balance of activities, types of activities.  A balance between too much work time and too much leisure time.  I’ll figure it out.  Things at least seem less dire than I thought they would be after graduation….. I had only a brief encounter with my “summer problem,” and since then, have managed to keep a handle on it by being busy.  Now, I just need to find the balance that will work for me.