The Film is FINISHED!

Morphopodia: A Strange New World in Our Own Back Yard is FINISHED!  There are only a couple of little things that need to be done (as in, getting and adding logos from funders from EMMEDIA) and it is completely done!  At 18 minutes and 24 seconds, the thing is huge!  It was definitely a major undertaking, and I have realized that there is, in fact, a medium that is slower than textiles.  (I love fibre, but sometimes I wish it was a little more efficient.) Film is even less efficient….. 4 months of work to get 18 minutes of film.

But, overall, it is what I wanted, and I think it looks good for my first film.  There are definitely areas where I know my skill is not up to where I’d like it to be, but, over all, a success.  See what I mean below…

Anyway, here’s a clip!  In the finished film, there’s clips on most of the Morphoids, poop, bones, and eggs, eye witness accounts, and an interview with myself.  There’s only a couple things I didn’t get to do that I wished I could have… a Morphoid Petting Zoo, and the “Eggs” clip would have been better with the easter egg hunt footage, because as we all know, the Morphoids lay their eggs around Easter, and depend on small children mistaking the eggs for Easter eggs in order to migrate.  Anyway, Foraminifera.

Just in time, too…. I leave for Gushul in less than a week! Lots to do, lots to do!